July 21, 2018

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Eagle Update: 8/4/12

I’ve tried to call Eagle on a couple of times recently, but always seemed to pick the wrong time, when he had a visitor or was busy with his medical caregivers. I did talk with Dee yesterday, who literally went the extra mile(s) by making a four-hour drive to see him and help him work […]

Saturday Ramblings 8.4.12

Welcome to the sweltering edition of Saturday Ramblings. The only place hotter than Tulsa (our fair city), Oklahoma on Wednesday was Saudi Arabia. And when the Rambler’s AC broke on Thursday, well, things in the iMonastery got pretty hot. So along with the heat, what else has been going on this week? Oh, nothing much. […]

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Just as it takes a farmer to really identify BS, it takes a preacher to recognize self-righteousness…a preacher who has been there, done that, and who is still pretty good at it. – Steve Brown, Three Free Sins * * * I’m one of those preachers and I ought to just own up. So, here […]

Eagle Update: 8/2/12

9:30pm — Update from Dee… Eagle has a seriously infected leg. They are planning on multiple IV antibiotics for some time to come hence he will be having a central line placed in the next day. I am hoping the red above the knee is do to serious inflammation and not infection but new cultures […]

Splendid Isolation

Don’t want to wake up with no one beside me Don’t want to take up with nobody new Don’t want nobody coming by without calling first Don’t want nothing to do with you Splendid Isolation I don’t need no one Splendid Isolation Warren Zevon, Splendid Isolation, from the album Transverse City I have shared before […]

Eagle Update: 8/1/12

UPDATE: 8:30pm. Although the post below tries to inject some humor into this situation with Eagle, it is important for us all to realize that he is still very sick and in need of continuing prayers and support. Dee from Wartburg Watch lives a few hours away from the hospital where Eagle is, and she […]

David Brooks Nails It

In his July 30 New York Times article, columnist David Brooks quotes Peggy Noonan and agrees with her when she says about this year’s presidential election: “It’s incredibly consequential and incredibly boring all at the same time.” Brooks gives the following reasons why he concurs with this observation: Intellectual stagnation: “…our big government/ small government […]

One of My Favorite Cases

A few years ago, I was involved in a unique chaplaincy situation with a patient and family that combined two of my greatest loves: pastoral care and Cubs baseball. It illustrates one of the basic principles I try to follow in pastoral ministry — Take interest in the interests of those you are trying to […]