August 18, 2018

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iMonk Classic: I Hear Pepper Talking

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From August 2007 Note from Chaplain Mike: Here is a delightfully quirky piece from five years ago, in which Michael talks about one facet of his marvelous imagination. Enjoy. * * * Personification. With me, it’s more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life. I’m reasonably sure […]

Saturday Ramblings 8.25.12

Can it be? Is it really the last Saturday in August? Where has the year gone? I was in a store this week where I saw—really, I am not making this up—Christmas decorations. And we’re not even out of hurricane season yet. Sigh … I say it’s not truly the Christmas season until the first […]

The Gospel and the God Who Is Righteous

Reading Romans (3) The Gospel & the God Who Is Righteous I’m not ashamed of the good news; it’s God’s power, bringing salvation to everyone who believes — to the Jew first, and also, equally, to the Greek. This is because God’s covenant justice is unveiled in it, from faithfulness to faithfulness. As it says […]

My Daily Devotional

Update: Check at the end of this post for an opportunity to purchase fine Bibles at a good price, with proceeds going to support This morning I asked for you to share the resources you use in your own devotional time. Bibles, daily devotionals, other books or tools you find helpful. Having read through […]

Daily Devotional

When I began my walk of faith 39 years ago, I armed myself with two essential—or what I thought were essential—tools: my King James Bible, and Mountain Trailways For Youth devotional. I read each faithfully each day. Wasn’t that what Christians were supposed to do? I was told we were. So I did. Today I […]

Depression and Delight

The opposite of depression is delight, being spontaneously surprised by the goodness and beauty of living. This is not something we can ever positively crank up and make happen in our lives. It is, as every saint and sage has told us, the by-product of something else. It is something that happens to us and […]

When “Worship” Is about Getting High

Through the influence of our consumer culture we’ve come to believe that transformation is attained through external experiences. We’ve come to regard our church buildings, with their multimedia theatrical equipment, as mountaintops where God’s glory may be encountered. Many of us ascend this mountain every Sunday morning wanting to have an experience with God, and […]

I Honestly Don’t Know

After many years of seeking to live a spiritual life, I still ask myself, “Where am I as a Christian?” — “How far have I advanced?” — “Do I love God more now than earlier in my life?” — “Have I matured in faith since I started on the spiritual path?” Honestly I don’t know […]

iMonk Classic: A Note to Weed-Eaters

Our school has a student work program, and one of the most popular jobs is working on the yard crew. Our boys love to work with the tractors, mowers and weed-eaters. Especially weed-eaters. It’s a certain sign of spring when I hear the yard crew outside the window of my house, and I can hear […]

Back to School “Time”?

One of my friends, a school administrator, says it’s an adult decision, and that there is no empirical evidence that it actually helps students. What’s that? Going back to school earlier and getting on a “balanced” schedule (some call it “year-round” school). That’s what the school systems are going to where I live. It means […]