July 16, 2018

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iMonk Classic: A Growing and Awkward Silence

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Undated Note from CM: This is an older piece — from the early to mid-2000’s —  by Michael Spencer in which he recognizes and laments some of the changes that had taken place in the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement over the years in which he encountered it. Like me, Michael first […]

Saturday Ramblings 6.23.12

Greetings, sports fans. Welcome to the in-mourning edition of Saturday Ramblings. Why are we in mourning? The Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the godless Miami Heat Thursday in the NBA Finals. It was hard for the Thunder to handle Miami’s “Big Three:” LeBron James, Duane Wade, and the refs. Well, there is one consolation. Soon, […]

More Like Fruit that Grows than Fire that Falls

“Signs and wonders, miracles and mighty works are certainly part of the story, yes, an essential part of the biblical story and its continuation and outworking in the Christian life; but out of context, apart from God’s revelation of himself in Jesus, severed and then removed from their organic positionings in the intricate and detailed […]

To Make God Smile

Try to stay with me here. The Beatles (remember them?) released Rubber Soul in time for Christmas, 1965. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys said this was the best album he had ever heard and set about to create his own masterpiece. In May of 1966, Wilson (who turned 70 yesterday) and the Boys released Pet […]

Are You Experienced?

Have you ever been experienced? (Jimi Hendrix, 1967) We’ve been talking about religious experiences this week. The good, the bad, the ugly. Some want to write off all experiences as false and misleading. Others cling to miracles and touchy-feely stuff as the point of contact for their faith. Me? I’m all messed up. I was […]

iMonk Classic: An Appetite for Fanaticism

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Undated From CM: In the light of yesterday’s video post and discussion, I thought it appropriate to dig out some of Michael Spencer’s thoughts on religious enthusiasm. * * * An Appetite for Fanaticism: Is there something wrong with saying “You’ve gone too far”? It occurred to me this […]

Open Mic: Signs and Wonders Camp

I’m pretty much speechless about this one. So I’m turning it over to the iMonk community for discussion and debate. * * *

Classic iMonk Quotes from 2005

Today, some significant snippets from the writings of Michael Spencer, mined from the 2005 Archives. * * * On how theology must lead to reality While discussing the doctrine of election the other day, I asked BHT fellow Bill a version of the following question: “If you were able to follow Jesus for the three […]

Daniel Jepsen on “Promethean Faith”

Promethean Faith by Daniel Jepsen * * * I saw the SF movie Prometheus last week.  I won’t review it or summarize it here except to note that it featured a creature far rarer than aliens in Hollywood’s universe: a practicing Christian.  She is even portrayed in a positive light, and is, in fact, something […]

iMonk Classic: The Boat in the Backyard

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer originally published June 2006 From CM: This is one story I always think about around Father’s Day. Thank you, Michael. * * * When I was twelve years old, my father bought a small aluminum boat, just enough for two people to use for fishing in the local lakes. […]