September 23, 2018

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Sad of Heart

Journey into New Life, part two Sad of Heart (Luke 24) Our Gospel text for this Easter season is Luke 24:13-35, the story of the risen Lord’s encounter with his disciples on the road to Emmaus. This passage sets forth a Lukan paradigm of what it means to walk with the living Lord Jesus Christ. […]

Top-Down Authority? or Bottom-Up Faith? or Both?

I hope soon to read and review Diana Butler Bass’s new book, Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening (actually I’m waiting for Kindle ebook prices to come down). I’ve heard some interviews with her and have read a few articles, and she has some good insights […]

My “Most Influential” Books (1)

The other day Scot McKnight posted this: A reader asked me to post my Top Five favorite, most influential, book list. What is yours? Here is my list: Martin Buber, I and Thou Augustine, Confessions Dante, Divine Comedy John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Discipleship It got me thinking. I responded in the comments with […]

A Special Day in Baseball

From a Major League Baseball press release last week… Major League Baseball is commemorating Jackie Robinson Day on Sunday, April 15, 2012 with a League-wide 65th anniversary recognition of Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson breaking the game’s color barrier in 1947. To highlight this special occasion, all players and on-field personnel will once again wear […]

Exuberant Easter!

Easter Oratorio, BWV 249 J.S. Bach The soundtrack in my mind during the Easter season is all Bach, timpani and trumpets, and bright celebration. These days I have been listening to a shimmering 2011 recording of the JS Bach Easter and Ascension Oratorios by the Retrospect Ensemble. Easter Oratorio is one of five works by […]

More Connected and Never Lonelier?

“We are living in an isolation that would have been unimaginable to our ancestors, and yet we have never been more accessible. Over the past three decades, technology has delivered to us a world in which we need not be out of contact for a fraction of a moment. In 2010, at a cost of […]

Saturday Ramblings 4.14.12

Greetings one and all! Your favorite rambling iMonk here to serve you the leftover goodies from a very busy week. On a personal note, I finished the first draft of a project that was taking way, way too long. I felt like I was swimming upstream in a river of mud. But I sent it […]

Fridays in Ephesus (1)

Fridays in Ephesus (1) The Drama of Ephesians During Eastertide on Fridays, we are reflecting on insights from Timothy Gombis’s recent book, The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God. • • • “Ephesians, then, is a drama, portraying the victory of God in Christ over the dark powers that rule this present […]

If It Walks Like A Duck …

Ozzie Guillen is an idiot. The manager of the Miami Marlins was interviewed by Time magazine for an online article, released last week. In the interview, Guillen—again, a baseball manager, not a foreign diplomat or spokesman—spoke about how he feels about Fidel Castro. “I respect Fidel Castro. You know why? A lot of people have […]

Journey into New Life (1)

It is Eastertide, the Great Fifty Days during which we celebrate the victory of the risen Christ, remember his appearances, prepare for his Ascension, and prayerfully wait for the power of the Spirit to come at Pentecost. I have long thought that this was an especially good time for the Church to gather together in […]