July 22, 2018

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“Esau” Christianity? Douglas Wilson Needs a Bible Study

Douglas Wilson has declared war on wuss worship. Last July, Mark Driscoll, another purveyor of  what I will call from now on “Esau Christianity,” tweeted this offensive message: “So, what story do you have about the most effeminate anatomically male worship leader you’ve ever personally witnessed?” prompting Rachel Held Evans to call him out as […]

Shane Rosenthal on Evangelical Theology

Today we are featuring two posts from Shane Rosenthal’s article, “Abandoning Evangelicalism?” in Modern Reformation magazine. Rosenthal is executive producer of “The White Horse Inn” national radio broadcast which can be heard online at www.whitehorseinn.org. As we said this morning, Shane’s article talks about the American propensity for switching religions and, in particular, why some […]

Shane Rosenthal on Sunday Worship

We’ll feature two posts today from Shane Rosenthal’s article, “Abandoning Evangelicalism?” in Modern Reformation magazine. This is highly recommended reading for our iMonk community. Rosenthal tells his story of being raised by a single mother who had left Methodism and adopted Judaism when she married. Shane converted to Christ at age 18 and began attending […]

Leaving Revivalism Behind?

Are evangelicals moving away from revivalism? Gordon T. Smith thinks they may be. In a provocative article at Christianity Today, Smith suggests that evangelicals are moving toward a new perspective on conversion that is leading to changes in the way they do church. “It is not be an overstatement to say that evangelicals are experiencing […]

Saturday Ramblings 4.21.12

Greetings one and all! What a bright, lovely, springy day it is here at the iMonastery. I hope it is sunny where you are. If it isn’t, then please allow us to take you to our own little land of sunshine we like to call … Saturday Ramblings. First of all, are there any iMonks […]

A Ban on “Biblical”

I made a New Year’s resolution this year: I will try my best to avoid using the adjective “Biblical” to describe what I think “the Bible teaches.” The use of this word as a prescriptive adjective to promote positions and convictions is rampant among Christians. The problem is, it usually obscures more than it enlightens, […]

Christ and the Powers

Fridays in Ephesus (2) Christ and the Powers During Eastertide on Fridays, we are reflecting on insights from Timothy Gombis’s recent book, The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God. • • • All is not as it appears. We who live in the wake of quantum physics have learned that there are […]

Difficult Scriptures: John 1:35-38

The next day again John was standing with two of his disciples, and he looked at Jesus as he walked by and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God!” The two disciples heard him say this, and they followed Jesus. Jesus turned and saw them following and said to them,“What are you seeking?” And they said to him, “Rabbi” (which means Teacher), […]

Bad Religion: A Prelude

Last week I wrote about heresy in a way that upset many of you. First of all, I used a baseball manager (Ozzie Guillen) as an example of a heretic—though not a religious one—and then said clearly that we should not be on a witch hunt for heretics, which prompted some of you to tell […]

iMonk Classic: God doesn’t offer explanations

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from October 2008 Note from CM: This was posted on another blog Michael started, called “Jesus-Shaped Spirituality”. • • • The problem with theological types- like yours truly- is they think that God has explained himself. In the Bible. In Jonathan Edwards. In the Lutheran Confessions. In the CRCC. […]