July 17, 2018

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Saturday Ramblings 2.18.12

Sigh. Just when you try to do something right, the world intrudes all over your good intentions. I had decided earlier in the week that today’s ramblings would be Ed Young, Jr- and Mark Driscoll-free. And darn if they don’t both go and get themselves into the news once again. So I figured, “What not […]

Recommended: N.T. Wright on Extension 720

One of the great graces of life is good conversation and respectful dialogue between neighbors. The best talk show I have ever heard, which embodies this grace, is Extension 720 on WGN Radio in Chicago. It is hosted by Dr. Milton J. Rosenberg. Milt is a professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago, where […]

iMonk Classic: Our Problem with Grace

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Undated NOTE FROM CM: No emphasis on grace would be complete without a review of Michael Spencer’s classic post on the subject. Take your time with this one, and savor it. Michael never wrote better, and he never pointed us to a more important subject. • • • Q. […]

Confessions of an Older Brother

Okay, so I’m an older sister, not an older brother, but that guy in the parable?  I know exactly where he’s coming from.  The Pharisee and the Publican?  Here, admire the tzitzit on my prayer shawl!  In another context, I’ve referred to channelling my inner Saruman, but the fact remains, I like law and order […]

Chaos And Grace

When Chaplain Mike sent me an email last week proposing a “grace week” on InternetMonk, I was excited. Nothing brings out the boxing gloves like the topic of grace. As I’ve said before on these pages, Michael Spencer and I only talked about one thing more than our beloved Cincinnati Reds, and that was the […]

Luther Gives Us Free Sins, Too

Long before our good brother Steve Brown started offering people free sins, a German monk with a passion for Christ, grace, and freedom did the same. Martin Luther’s classic book, On the Freedom of a Christian (or Concerning Christian Liberty), 1520, is one of the most fundamental books in Luther’s canon and one of the […]

Free to Be Ourselves

Rediscovering the gospel (of grace alone) enabled me to see that: Because Jesus is strong for me, I am free to be weak. Because Jesus won for me, I am free to lose. Because Jesus is someone, I am free to be no one. Because Jesus is extraordinary, I am free to be ordinary. Because […]

IM Interview with Steve Brown

I had a wonderful opportunity to talk with Steve Brown yesterday, to thank him for his wonderful new book, Three Free Sins: God’s Not Mad at You. Thanks to Steve’s co-worker, Erik Guzman, our conversation was recorded so that it would be available to you, our Internet Monk audience. For those of you unfamiliar with […]

Grace Means Saying, “I’m Sorry”

UPDATE: Having long passed the point of “the more I try to explain the less I’m understood,” I am closing comments for now. UPDATE: Please read my comment at 6:04 pm. • • • I spoke on the phone the other night with fellow blogger and friend of Internet Monk Patrick Kyle. His website, New […]

What If I…

What if I… When dark and deep prevailed Breathed out an order And light broke through to awaken the world? And what if I… When heinous violence ruled Tapped a lone man’s shoulder And bid him build a lifeboat to preserve the world? And what if I… When self-reliant hubris swelled Confounded and scattered all […]