July 22, 2018

Archives for August 2011

Angels Unaware

By Chaplain Mike The hospice chaplain walked into the room, finally seeing the patient he had put off visiting all day. It is not that he had been hesitant. The patient, Mr. Gibbs, was scheduled to be transferred to a bed in the hospice unit, but earlier in the day, he heard that they were […]

A Funeral Rant

By Chaplain Mike I have been officiating funeral services since I was 22 years old, a young know-nothing pastor in the hills of Vermont. My first funeral was for an infant who died of SIDS. That service was held on the coldest, rainiest and iciest day I can remember. Outside. At the cemetery. It was […]

A “Chance” Meeting

By Chaplain Mike Ordinary Time Bible Study 2011 The Book of Ruth (7) We have completed the first part of the story told in the Book of Ruth. Chapter one introduced two problems in need of resolution: The provision of food for Naomi and her family The provision of heirs for Naomi and her family […]