September 24, 2018

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“Don’t (worry about trying not to) waste your life”

Today we welcome guest poster, Sean Muldowney. A Note from Chaplain Mike: One of the most subtle forms of legalism takes hold of believers through forms of pietism. Pietism is an approach to the life of faith that emphasizes the intensity of our religious feelings and devotion. Modern evangelicalism is rife with it. Go to […]

Friday Night Lights

Many of you will be taking in a high school or college football game this weekend. Friday Night Lights will be shining bright. Football is a great game to watch with friends, to get to make new friends, to cheer for boys playing a man’s game, to hope for better things than last year. To […]

With All Due Respect…

By Chaplain Mike Please listen carefully. Are you listening? On day one of this week’s series on the New Calvinists (TNC), I gave an overview of the movement with lots of links so that you can go hear and experience their teaching and approaches for yourself. On day two, I expressed my debt and appreciation […]

A Jesus-Shaped Challenge

A passage from Michael Spencer’s Mere Churchianity: Finding Your Way Back to Jesus-Shaped Spirituality struck me as I was reading it recently.  I’m going to offer it to all you faithful denizens of the Internet Monastery to consider. Here’s a simple example.  Think about yourself if you had just spent three years with Jesus.  How […]

My Five Favorite Non-Fiction Titles

You can put down your Sunday Times Book Review section now. I have your reading list for the next several months right here. Like my list of my five favorite fiction titles, I am going to start off with some honorable mentions. And there is one book in the top five you are going to […]

iMonk Classic: Ray Ortlund—Reduced to Jesus Only

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Originally posted July 15, 2008 MOD Note: Back in 2008, Michael found this good word about what it means to be “Truly Reformed,” from one who is. Follow the link to read the entire post. From Ray Ortlund’s blog… Whatever divides us emotionally from other Bible-believing, Christ-honoring Christians is […]