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IM Book Review: Your Church Is Too Small (3)

By Chaplain Mike The fact is that the differences between churches do matter. The question is not, “How can we overlook these differences?” but “How can we achieve a church which includes the many facets of the truth?” True catholicity is not obtained by overlooking differences but by accepting them and understanding them as a […]

IM Recommended Reading: To Russia with Love

By Chaplain Mike MOD Note: Some knucklehead forgot to put the URL in for Dan’s blog. Here is the link: To Russia with Love. Thanks, Joanie. One of my good friends, Pastor Daniel Jepsen (aka “The Dan”), is currently blogging about his mission trip to Tyumen, Siberia. The Dan and another local pastor (aka “The […]

Sunday’s Gospel: Endless Attention, Meticulous Care

By Chaplain Mike Each Sunday, we present devotional thoughts based upon the Gospel reading from the Revised Common Lectionary. Today is the fourth Sunday in Easter, Good Shepherd Sunday. Today’s Gospel is John 10:22-30. Gospel Text At that time the Feast of the Dedication took place at Jerusalem; it was winter, and Jesus was walking […]

iMonk Classic: My Theology Can Beat Up Your Theology

Each Saturday, IM will post a classic article by Michael Spencer. Originally posted January 14, 2008. I’ve had an idea running around in my mind for a few months, and I’m going to try and get it down on paper. It’s slippery, and rather than try to sound profound, I think it would be best […]

Saturday Ramblings 4.24.10

Welcome to Saturday Ramblings, our weekly effort to clean out the ‘fridge and rid ourselves of all that we couldn’t eat during the week. And what a busy week it has been. First of all, Francis Chan, pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, announced he is stepping down from that position to pursue […]

IM Recommended Reading: Michael Horton on When “Reformed” Is Not “Reformed”

By Chaplain Mike Over at the White Horse Inn blog, always thoughtful Michael Horton has posted a great essay commenting on the fissures and fault lines that are becoming apparent among the “young, restless, and reformed.” In his typical style, Horton goes beyond mere reporting to examine some fundamental issues revealed by disputes like the […]

The Appearances of the Risen Christ, 4

By Chaplain Mike We are marking the Great Fifty Days of Easter with a series of devotional thoughts on the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. Today we look at Luke’s story of that first Easter morning, from Luke 24:1-12 (NLT). Text But very early on Sunday morningthe women went to the tomb, taking the spices they […]

The Book I Can’t Review

UPDATE: Ok. Moderation on. Keep your comments civil. We are not bashing anyone here. Don’t make me impose a two-drink limit. MOD NOTE: Comments are closed for the time being. Sheesh, I leave for a few hours and return to find a bar fight! It might be comforting, to those Christians who doubt the current […]

Are Liberals and Atheists Smarter?

On Thursdays we welcome posts from friends. Today, long time friend of IM Michael Bell examines some recent studies that come to some provocative conclusions. By Michael Bell A study just published in the March issue of the Social Psychology Quarterly confirms what many liberals and atheists have told us for years. Those who hold […]

IM Book Review: Your Church Is Too Small (2)

By Chaplain Mike Although the church of Jesus Christ is found in many different places, she is one true church, not many. After all, there are many rays of sunlight, but only one sun. A tree has many boughs, each slightly different from others, but all drawing their strength from one source. Many streams may […]