July 21, 2018

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From the iMonk Archives: Gospel Relevance=Gospel Application

Since we have been discussing the Gospel and how it shapes our Christian lives, let’s continue the conversation by taking a look at this classic IM post from April, 2007. It amazes me that the apostles immediately know- they KNOW- that Christianity has to be applied in ways they had never thought before. Perhaps the […]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: How do Christians “Live In the Gospel”?

Chaplain Mike posts today’s Open Mic topic. From an excellent article posted today at Leadership Journal called, “The Everyday Gospel,” by Tullian Tchividjian comes this quote: I once assumed the gospel was simply what non-Christians must believe in order to be saved, while afterward we advance to deeper theological waters. But I’ve come to realize […]

Sometimes Being Right is Wrong

Today’s post is from IM First Officer Michael Bell. I have a great appreciation for my Pastor. I appreciate his perspectives on most issues, and I appreciate his leadership within the church. However, for the last two years we have disagreed quite strongly on one particular significant issue. What that issue is, is not important […]

Reminder & Review: Pocket Dictionary of Liturgy & Worship

Since our posts and comments have referred a lot to liturgy lately, I thought it might be good to revisit a nice little tool to help people understand various aspects of liturgical worship. Our first look at this book can be found here. Today, we have a another look and review from Patrick Kyle of […]

A Letter from an Agnostic

Today, Chaplain Mike posts this note that was sent to iMonk. How would you try to help this inquirer? Mr. Spencer, In the past few months of my life something has driven me towards Christianity. I can’t exactly say what, I believe it to be a combination of things but it has lead me to […]

Michael Sends an Update

Here’s a quick run-through on the facts of my situation. 1. I have cancer and I am receiving treatments for it. On Christmas Eve, a small mass was removed from the back of my brain. That’s the balance center, so my main symptoms are balance, nausea and appetite issues. That are all improving. I have […]

My Post-Evangelical Wilderness

By guest blogger Chaplain Mike Spend any time at all around Internet Monk, and you will hear about the “post-evangelical wilderness.” This is one of the phrases that first attracted me to Michael’s writings, and it is clear from reading those who have commented over the years that it has resonated with many. What it […]

From the iMonk Archive: The “Happy Enough” Protestant

MOD: This discussion has degenerated into the usual “my side v. your side” dirt clod fight. Unfortunately, this shows some of us have missed or forgotten the spirit of the original post. Go back and read it again, folks. I can celebrate my tradition and the good, biblical aspects of it, without having to denigrate […]

Book Review: Welcoming Justice

Today’s review is by Ryan Cordle, Michael Spencer’s son-in-law. Thanks, Ryan! For two years I have worked at a ministry as a high school teacher. In these couple of years I have seen how God’s movement for reconciling people is real. At our school, we have students from everywhere, quite literally. Our kids come from […]

UPDATE: Another Look at Visitation

Back during Advent, I put up a post on one of my favorite Gospel words: visit. I encourage you to go back and read it HERE. In that post, I made this comment: “I think it is what pastors and Christian people used to do, what they were expected to do. But something changed in […]