September 26, 2018

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The Evangelical Liturgy 23: The Postlude

I’ve served at two churches with exceptional pipe organs and organists. Some of my best memories of worship are about the postlude. The last amen had sounded, the congregation was leaving the worship space and the organist, with the help of Bach, was taking the roof off the building. I absolutely soaked it in. Could […]

Circular Reasoning

From the inimitable, irreplaceable, absolutely necessary Naked Pastor, David Hayward:

iMonk 101: The Christian and Mental Illness II: Is There Such A Thing As Mental Illness?

This is the second in a series I did in November of 2005 on Christians and Mental Illness. Looking back at the comments that this post prompted, it’s apparent that many Christians are deeply suspicious of any model of dealing with problems of mental and emotional health other than using the Bible. This is a […]

What Did Jesus Know? (And How Does It Matter?)

Once again, Jesus is getting me in trouble. This time it’s over at the Boar’s Head, where a “discussion” on Jesus’ knowledge of medical conditions turned into real concerns that I am promoting a less than orthodox view of Jesus. When I was in my Master’s program at seminary, I remember a full-on debate between […]

iMonk 101: The Christian and Mental Illness (Introductory Questions)

I did a five part series on this topic in November of 2005. I’m going to rerun those 2005 posts over the next few days. Several times a week, I have to read folders containing psychological evaluations of prospective students. They are often quite daunting and detailed. The stories range from ordinary to nightmarish and […]

The Evangelical Liturgy 22: The Benediction

We’re nearing the end of this series. I’m very honored by all of you who have stayed along for the entire ride. I hope that someone has given consideration to the lost glory of the Protestant liturgical tradition and the many wonderful Biblical, Gospel and ecumenical connections that are possible in re-establishing some form of […]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Who Wants All That Music?

UPDATE: Please post on the question ONLY. Do not use this to complain about styles of music. Catholics, etc can go have a coffee. This is for evangelicals and others to whom it applies. Here’s my question: “Who wants 30-40+ minutes of music in worship? Who? Why? I mean…explain this to me. I seriously do […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #164

This week: Ecumenism on the streets. Praising the Book of Common Prayer I’m concerned for my friend who is fighting for his life against Leukemia. Apologies for being a bit off my best game today. Real life and all that. Support the IM sponsors: New Reformation Press. Reformation theology for everyone. Rockbridge Seminary. Family, ministry […]

Riffs: 11:07:09: The New/Old Look Evangelical Ecumenism: IVCF Splits at GWU

This is a bit of old news to theological news hounds out there, but it fits in with this week’s discussion and yesterday’s post rather well. IVCF at George Washington University has split over reformation theology. There is plenty of interesting reading here, btw. Good article. Short version: a sizable contingent of students with concerns […]

Evangelical Ecumenism and A Jesus Shaped Guest List

Point: evangelicalism contains within itself some almost irresistible itches from its fundamentalist DNA. From time to time, the urge to scratch is almost overwhelming. These itches would include: “Must say that Catholics are not Christians….” “Must say that all things ecumenical are bad unless it’s guys on our team writing books or putting on a […]