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Liturgical Gangstas 16: Spiritual Warfare

UPDATE: Comments are closed. Welcome to IM’s popular feature, “The Liturgical Gangstas,” a panel discussion among different liturgical traditions represented in the Internet Monk audience. Who are the Gangstas? Father Ernesto Obregon is an Eastern Orthodox priest. Rev. Joe Boysel is an Anglican (AMiA) priest and professor of Bible at Ohio Christian University in Circleville, […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #161

This week: This and That + Questions on God, Assurance and the Evangelical Wilderness. (NOTE: I need assistance on getting a good, hot sound from Garageband + Blue Snowball. Anyone with suggested settings?) Support the IM sponsors: New Reformation Press. Reformation theology for everyone. Rockbridge Seminary. Family, ministry and online seminary all coming together. Modern […]

Can someone tell me why a “Creation” Educator is giving this speech at a “Creation Museum?”

A speech about saving America and the church, in case you just don’t care enough actually watch the clip before you comment. Anytime someone tells me the “Creation museum” is a museum I want to run this piece out. Ham’s organization owns this “museum.” It’s goal is to get the public in and discredit any […]

Rev Eric Dudley, St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Tallahassee, Florida: The Nuts and Bolts of Anglican Liturgy

We’ve been talking the Evangelical/Protestant liturgy recently, so why not something to give us some background in an evangelical Anglican liturgy. I’ve been watching with great interest- OK, with undiluted envy- the growth of one of the new Anglican congregations in the southeast, St.Peter’s Anglican in Tallahassee, Florida. If you aren’t getting their podcasts, you […]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Miracle Testimonies

Testimonies about miracles. I’m not much on them. At least once a year or so, I’ll have someone want to tell our ministry of mostly non-Christian kids a “miracle” testimony of being healed, delivered from drugs, saved from prison, etc. I obviously don’t say “no,” but I really struggle with this kind of thing on […]

How To Lose A Young Mind #1 (with a few thoughts on Dawkins)

(or Why Waste All That Time Considering Evidence When You Can Announce Your Presuppositions and Be Done With It) I’ve been monitoring a discussion at a prominent Calvinistic blog regarding Richard Dawkin’s defense of evolution in his new book, The Greatest Show On Earth. I do a unit on the New Atheists in my Advanced […]

NLT Mosaic Bible Blog Tour/Interview: Mosaic Editor Keith Williams

I’m very happy to have Keith Williams, one of the editors of the “Mosaic” Bible (NLT) that I’ve recently promoted here at IM, answering some of your questions about the NLT and the special Mosaic edition. You can find the entire Mosaic Blog tour schedule here. Check out the various sites and all the questions […]

I Recommend the Carp On The IM Menu

I rarely do posts about the site itself, but with a lot of new readers, there are some things that need to be said occasionally. Every few months, I will get a letter here at the Internet Monk mail room that goes something like this (not a real letter btw, but very close): Mr. Monk, […]

No Regrets: A Better Look At Life

Young folks in ministry. Adults living in regret. This is for you. There was a time, in the last decade, that I constantly and painfully struggled with regrets about various choices I’d made in my life. I regretted not finishing doctoral studies. (I made it 37 hours in and never finished the paper.) I regretted […]

The Evangelical Liturgy 16: Baptism

I need to be very clear at the outset: we won’t be having a discussion on the theology of baptism. I will be talking about the place of baptism in liturgy, and I will be doing so from the standpoint of a credobaptist describing the Protestant liturgical worship service. Most formal worship spaces, even simple […]