July 22, 2018

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Internet Monk Radio Podcast #162

This week: 7 Ways to Hate or Leave Evangelicalism When You Don’t Need To + How has your sense of calling evolved? Support the IM sponsors: New Reformation Press. Reformation theology for everyone. Rockbridge Seminary. Family, ministry and online seminary all coming together. Modern Reformation Magazine. Featuring my current article on discipleship. The Ministry to […]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Lectionary Lesson Blahs

Mark 10:46 Then they reached Jericho, and as Jesus and his disciples left town, a large crowd followed him. A blind beggar named Bartimaeus (son of Timaeus) was sitting beside the road.47 When Bartimaeus heard that Jesus of Nazareth was nearby, he began to shout, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” 48 “Be […]

iMonk 101: My Annual Halloween Rant (One of them) Revisited

Originally published at the Steve Brown, Etc. Guest Room Blog. You also might enjoy “The Great Pumpkin Proposes a Toast,” from deep in the IM archives. Here’s a good post on “How to have a great Catholic Halloween.” No Protestants are harmed. It’s OK. The best article on Hallloween remains James Jordan’s “A Different View […]

Coming Up: Bryan Cross Interview + Catholic Resources

A few Catholic oriented items here at IM, freely borrowing from other blogs. I’m going to surprise a lot of you with an interview post with Catholic blogger Bryan Cross, writer at Principium Unitatis. I’ve often been a bit snarky to Bryan, but when it comes to the subject of Christian unity, he’s really an […]

The Evangelical Liturgy 18: The Prayers Of The People

See Dennis Bratcher’s excellent article on “The Prayers of the People” in liturgy. A full tutorial on different kinds of prayers, litanies, collects, etc is available from ELC Canada. The idea of congregational “prayer requests” in a worship service is enough to cause anyone orchestrating a seeker service to run screaming from a planning meeting. […]

It was a bad post and here’s my excuse

I shouldn’t have reposted my post on “I Want My Sermon On The Mount Back.” It was a bad post, and I’m retracting this repost. The original is intact and these comments are here, though closed. 1) I’ve had a brutal week. Good friend in Markey Cancer Center with leukemia. Conflicts at work. Finals. Denise […]

Riffs: 10:20:09: The Status of the Reformation according to 9 Marks and B16

UPDATE: Fr. Dwight Longnecker has a great analysis of what the new RCC/Anglican arrangement will mean and how it will work. The 9 Marks blog is increasingly, uh…interesting….from a post-evangelical perspective. Jonathan Leeman writes about the danger of seminary profs being disconnected from the local church, a point that I fully agree with based on […]

The Evangelical Liturgy 17: The Lord’s Supper

Here’s the intro to this series. All posts are under the “Evangelical Liturgy” category. In the past two years, I have written extensively here at IM in an attempt to recover some sanity, frequency and meaningful practice of the Lord’s Supper in my Baptist tradition. You can find those posts in the “Baptists” and “Church” […]

Keep Going

More self-indulgent thoughts on my life. Skip if that annoys you. In the middle of this week, I heard some seriously bad health news about a good friend. Yesterday, I had to turn down an opportunity I really wanted to accept. Last night, I got a confusing and frustrating work-related letter. Today, I’ve really struggled […]

Preaching For Grownups: Mark 10:35-52

Today’s Lectionary passage in the Gospel of Mark was the requests of James and John, Jesus’ response and his teaching on greatness and servanthood. I would have titled this something like “What’s Wrong With Ambition?” These messages won’t be sent to the iTunes feed any more. You’ll have to pick them up here on the […]