July 20, 2018

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Grace Lutheran Church, Tulsa OK

Like I said Lutherans (and Anglicans and Methodists and…), get with it on the missional thing please. A lot of evangelicals need you. BTW, the “Evangelical Liturgy” series in on its way back. Don’t fret.


Read Luke 18:9-12 “He expects us to make mistakes. He gives us millions (indeed billions and trillions) of chances. If anything, God likes our weaknesses because it enables him to exercise his infinite mercy. When Paul prayed earnestly to be delivered from a particularly annoying weakness, God said to him, ‘My grace is enough for […]

Frank Viola’s New Book “Finding Organic Church”+ My article at Mod Ref + Theology Program

Frank Viola’s new book “FINDING ORGANIC CHURCH: A Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Sustaining Authentic Christian Communities” (David C. Cook) releases today at a discount from Amazon.com. This is the practical follow up to all of Viola’s other books. It’s also a stand alone book exploring the subject of organic church planting in great detail. […]