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If I become Lutheran, Anglican or Catholic, it will be because I watched this too many times.

iMonk 101: Josh Strodtbeck on the Lutheran View of God’s Sovereignty

NOTE: This is part of a series of questions I did last year with Lutheran friend Josh Strodtbeck on how the sovereignty of God enters into issues of tragedy using the Lutheran theological framework. Very relevant to our discussion this week. If you want all of these – 5 posts- then search “Strodtbeck” in the […]

Theology Study Toolbar Available From Renewing the Mind/Michael Patton

Our friend Michael Patton at Credo House, Renewing the Mind Ministries and The Theology Program has an announcement at his site that may be of interest to some of the IM audience. “I have designed a theological toolbar to lead you to all the best and most trustworthy sites on the web. Included: * Online […]

The Evangelical Liturgy 5: The Prelude

In most Protestant and evangelical worship services there is some kind of a transition from non-worship time to worship time. Though this is among the least essential elements of worship, this “prelude” serves a number of helpful functions. Protestants have an uneven record on treating a worship space/time as a time of focused, prayerful response […]

Links to the Evangelical Liturgy Series (so Far)

Introduction 1) The Worship Setting 2) The Tools 3) The Leaders 4) The Congregation 5) The Prelude 6. The Call To Worship Remember that there will be 23 posts in this series. There is also a “Church” category here at IM, and also a “Baptists” category.

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 153

This week: Cunsumer sins. Pastoral Care. Puritans. A Crisis of Grace and the Gospel Support the IM sponsors: New Reformation Press. New teaching available. Rockbridge Seminary. Get one class tuition free before September 1st. E3 Sudan is church planting and training pastors in the Sudan. The Ministry to Children blog is “information central” for children’s […]

With all due respect….

UPDATE: Piper “clarifies” his tornado comments by referring to his bout with prostate cancer. The message of every event is repentance: “That is the message of every calamity (Luke 13:1-5). And every sunny day (Romans 2:4).” It seems to me we are simply not going to get past the issue of how we can say, […]

Open Mic At The iMonk Cafe: The Falwell/Robertson Room Has A New Act

UPDATE: Greg Boyd on Piper’s tornado. BTW, my commendations on excellent behavior by all in the comment thread. UPDATE: From long, but right on point: The Islamization of Christianty by Udo Middleman. UPDATE: Some of my own thoughts on the ’04 Tsunami. Also, Halden Doerge: Why John Piper is Dangerous. I first caught the attention […]

The Evangelical Liturgy 4: The Congregation

I’ve been thinking about this post quite a bit, and for the life of me I really can’t think of much to say than some of the obvious. The evangelical worship service is the worship of the people of God. God acts, speaks invites and offers. God’s people respond in worship, service, ministry and mission. […]

Review: Denise Day Spencer on “The Pocket Guide To Sainthood” by Jason Boyett

My wife Denise is on her way to sainthood and is eminently qualified to review Jason Boyett’s new book. Before I could begin this essay, I had to pull up my thesaurus and check for alternatives to the word “delightful,” because I could very easily overwork that adjective in a book review of Jason Boyett’s […]