July 16, 2018

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Riffs: Conrad Hyers on Creationism, Genesis and Science

Presbyterian minister and Biblical language scholar Conrad Hyers has been the primary help for me on issues of the Bible and Science. I’m sorry so little of Hyers is on the web. His book, The Meaning of Creation, is a mandatory read for those interested in this subject. Hyers’ simplicity and amazing respect for the […]

Evangelicals In the Star Trek Universe

For those of you keeping score, we gave up the television about 4 months ago. We discovered that, for $60 a month, we were watching one episode of House, M.D. a week and I was watching baseball. Not worth it, especially with MLB.com and Hulu. Everyone is fine, we’re using Netflix, buying some DVDs and […]

Recommendation and Review: Your Jesus Is Too Safe by Jared C. Wilson

I’ve never met Jared Wilson. We spoke on the phone once because, frankly, I’m desperate for friends. He doesn’t owe me money. We don’t have a book review treaty signed. He’s not going to like my book nearly as much as I’ve enjoyed his, and that’s OK. Jared isn’t a well-known author or megachurch pastor. […]

Why So Serious?: Considering A Short List of Gospel Contradictions

I was reminded this week of how dangerous it is to use the word “Gospel” around evangelicals and expect that you are speaking the same language, so if you need a short version, I’m on a Lutheran Confessions kick. Let’s try this: The Gospel, however, is that doctrine which teaches what a man should believe […]

Rod Rosenbladt on Evangelicals and Assurance

Guest blogger Ted R is one of the good guys at New Reformation Press. Our discussion on the struggles of some evangelicals with assurance brought up some of the very helpful teaching available through that fine IM sponsor. See them on the sidebar if you like this post. I thought I’d post a small sampling […]

iMonk 101: Losing the Treasure of a Christ-Centered Assurance of Salvation

I had a good talk yesterday with one of our young preachers on this subject. I’m also longing for Robert Capon to never die and to keep writing books that show me the way. Anyway, this is a favorite topic and I hope a helpful repost from a couple of years ago. UPDATE: John H […]

Welcome to the NEW Internet Monk.com

Thanks to a lot of hard work by Joe Stallard, the new Internet Monk is coming on line tonight. Plenty of bugs and minor matters to attend to, and I can’t promise that we won’t need to go off the air briefly, but here we are. Please notice that the Primary post is now larger […]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: What Might Boys Read?

Noel, Ryan and I were talking tonight about the fact that while a few middle/high school girls read, almost no middle/high school boys read. My dad died almost 15 years ago. He enjoyed Zane Grey and Tarzan. There was a time the John Carter of Mars books were popular. Also the Hardy Boys. Sherlock Holmes. […]

Riffs: David Mills/Noel Cordle: What Are Our Kids Reading, Anyway?

Our guest blogger today is my daughter, Noel Cordle, who is riffing on David Mills review of contemporary young people’s literature in the current issue of Touchstone magazine. Noel recently finished her English degree from Ohio State and is teaching middle school English at the school where I serve. Her blog is Mere Musings. During […]

Russ Moore on The Lord’s Supper

Communion (Really) from Russell Moore on Vimeo.