July 22, 2018

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The Shepherd of These Hills

Other IM essays on Appalachia. The Gospel and Appalachia The Gospel and Appalachia: Can The Culture Change? The Gospel and Appalachia: Four Christian Responses Most IM readers know that I live in southeastern Kentucky, in a particularly poverty and crime affected area of Appalachia. In economic and social studies of crime and poverty, our county […]

iMonk 101: Credible Christianity for the Cultural Atheist

This November ’07 piece, Credible Christianity for the Cultural Atheist, was a follow up to some of what I had written reflecting on my experiences teaching students from China. It discusses those aspects of Christian practice and ministry that seems to me to hold the most interest to those who have been raised in cultural […]

Another One Gets Off the Evangelical Bus: Thoughts on A De-Conversion

BeAttitude gives his reasons for Why He Walked Away From Christianity. Don’t skip this. Read it carefully and don’t start talking. Just listen. 1. I always want to commend anyone who moves to a position of authenticity for themselves. If you don’t believe the claims of your own Christian community, then by all means please […]