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The Love Of Jesus Is Enough: A Meditation on Morality

NOTE: I have chosen not to post a larger number of comments than usual. If you want to know why comments aren’t posted consult the IM F.A.Q. where this is addressed in one of the questions. I could have posted some perfect examples of moral reasoning following our love, but I think the point is […]

Better Than (____________) Already

Where Is Church Discipline When You Need It? Part 3: Who Needs It?

It’s interesting to read the comments of the previous two posts and see how many people immediately see church discipline as…. -about public sins, usually sexual -hopelessly prone to be a tool of abusive leadership -unable to make needed distinctions -destined to ignore some kinds of sin entirely This is rather typical of the discussions […]

Where is Church Discipline When You Need It? Part 2: What does Matthew 18 Teach?

Without any intro, I’d like to get right into what I would be saying about Matthew 18 if I were lecturing on the “What does Matthew 18 tell us about church discipline?” I’d begin by noting that the church discipline material in I Corinthians 5 predates Matthew 18 in composition. Assuming Markan priority, it’s safe […]

Where Is Church Discipline When You Need It? Part 1: A Better Approach

Down through the years, I’ve been part of a few in-church discussions about church discipline. They were all memorable. Almost everyone was against it and treated me like I was going off the deep end for bringing it up. Being against church discipline was an issue worth yelling over, and I’ve been yelled at more […]

iMonk 101: What Kind Of Person Will Be A Disciple?

From April of ’08. “Now – here is my secret: I tell it to you with an openness of heart that I doubt I shall ever achieve again, so I pray that you are in a quiet room as you hear these words. My secret is that I need God – that I am sick […]

The “I’m Looking For A Good Church” Project

UPDATE II: Some of your comments are getting dumped by spam filters for multiple links. I can sort through the trash if I have time and you let me know. ALSO some of you “Need a Church” folk need to check back in the discussion. You’ve been answered. I get a constant stream of letters […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #135

This week: Welcome and orientation to listeners on Pirate Christian Radio. Luther’s “Sin to Taunt the Devil Quote” and Perfectionism. Welcome to all my listeners on Pirate Christian Radio. Monday, 9 a.m. is my time slot. My great sponsors: New Reformation Press. New products available: New music and DVDs. Emmaus Retreat Center. A great place […]

The Evangelical Untouchables 3: Rebaptizing Someone Else’s Church Members?

UPDATE: Lindsey Williams has added his take on the question. NOTE: There are several IM posts on Rebaptism in an SBC context. Use the search function and they are on the first page. The Evangelical Untouchables are seven diverse evangelicals who will give us a window into what’s happening in evangelicalism today. Who are the […]

Columbine: A Word For Evangelicals Ten Years Later

UPDATE: CNN has the same story as USA Today, but with more reference to the academic discussion and the psychology of myth perpetuation. Evangelicals who are angry at me for posting this should just skip it. Here’s a detailed review of a book by Dave Cullen that is looking at the law enforcement information. “These […]