September 23, 2018

Archives for February 2009

One Paragraph Reviews: Olson on The Shack, Tickle on The Great Emergence, Bowman and Komoszewski on The Deity of Christ

One paragraph book reviews today. Getting right to the point, which busy people should appreciate. Finding God in the Shack by Roger Olson (IVP). Olson is one of the most vigorous theological authors willing to take on the reformed intelligensia, as can be seen in his books Arminian Theology and Reformed and Always Reforming. In […]

Believing the Bible: A Place To Start or Stop?

Let’s say you’re sitting around talking with a group of friends, some of whom are Christians and some aren’t. A subject comes up; for example, marriage. People share their stories, their thoughts, their accumulated wisdom. After a moment, one of the Christians present begins to speak. He speaks longer. His tone is different. He’s quoting […]

David Sessions Riffs on “The Coming Evangelical Collapse”

I appreciate the good work of David Sessions at Patrol Magazine. He’s breaking new ground everyday. If you want the same beat as Relevant, but with more intelligence, wit and edge, hit Patrol and make it a regular feed. Patrol editor David Sessions takes on my “Coming Evangelical Collapse” in a sizable column. You’ll find […]

Twenty-Five Sortof Random Things I Do and Don’t Believe

Relax. It’s not a meme. Nor should it become one. Though, I feel divinely led to tag…. 1. I don’t believe gay marriage is the biggest threat to the family. Not by anything approaching a long shot. I’ve worked with thousands of students in my life, and the messed up kids were messed up by […]

Amy Welborn’s husband, Michael Dubruiel 1958-2009

Donations to the Welborn family can be sent through paypal or other credit cards here. UPDATE: If you haven’t visited Amy’s blog, she’s asking folks who want to help to simply buy Michael’s books. She can’t fill orders from her site, but says buy them from anywhere. So there you go. Protestant friends might find […]

Archbishop Williams Loses His Mind

Church of England Archbishop Rowan Williams has clearly lost his mind. What he’s asking of churches is…’s…..well……… In these times when the church has the opportunity to show great film clips, debate homosexuality, have a kickin’ band and Comedy Central in the pulpit, Archbishop Rowan is suggesting….that….. I can’t say it. It’s simply unthinkable in […]

Christine Wicker: The Internet Monk Interview with the Author of Fall of the Evangelical Nation

UPDATE: I’m just curious: do some of you always descend into railing preacher mode when you encounter a person who isn’t on the same page as you, or is today just not your day? Internet is extremely honored to have Christine Wicker in the house for the IM interview segment today. Christine is the […]

iMonk 101: Gospel Relevance = Gospel Application

Considering the discussion on treating servers like Jesus would, this seemed like a good post to resurrect. From April of 07. Studying Acts with my students, it’s freshly clear to me that the immediate struggle of the early Christians was not only, or even particularly, theological, but practical. How do we live out, in the […]