July 17, 2018

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Matt Chandler has been on my list of podcast worthy preachers for most of two years. His preaching at the Village Church is outstanding. Here’s an example why.

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Movies For and About Hard Times

I hesitate to open movies as a topic for discussion when a chunk of my audience is of the generation that thinks Pineapple Express is great cinema, but here’s the question. What are some films “For and About Hard Times” that the IM audience should check out? Economic hardship has been a theme for a […]

Fifteen Random Thoughts About the Economic Crisis

Rather random. Incomplete. Just things I keep thinking. 1. I’m convinced that some of the news media (***cough*** Fox ***cough***) are using the financial situation to create a “panic” audience. That is, they are putting on every extreme, doomsday voice they can, they are ignoring larger context, they are keeping their audiences convinced this is […]

“I Forgive Myself:” The Hardest Word?

One of the things I really don’t like about run-of-the-mill evangelical spirituality is the assumption that we’re all basically clones of each other. Cheerful clones. Mentally healthy clones. Good family clones. Conservative political clones. Happy at church clones. Like the same music clones. Clones who cope well. Clones who think alike. Clones who can take […]

Riffs: 02:18:09: Scot Mcknight on the “Neo-Reformed”

UPDATE II: Trevin Wax agrees and disagrees with Scot. UPDATE: Now tell me again, where are they keeping that secret book? Justin Taylor finds the characterization of the neo-reformed as fundamentalist inaccurate, to say the least. ‘Twas not so long ago, on a Calvinistic web site you’ve all visited, that one could hear a serious […]

Liturgical Gangstas 6: Unappreciated Strengths and Overlooked Weaknesses

Welcome to IM’s popular new feature, “The Liturgical Gangstas,” a panel discussion among different liturgical traditions represented in the Internet Monk audience. Who are the Gangstas? Father Ernesto Obregon is an Eastern Orthodox priest. Rev. Peter Vance Matthews is an Anglican priest and founding pastor of an AMIA congregation. Dr. Wyman Richardson is a pastor […]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Why Aren’t We Doing Inner City Church Planting?

UPDATE: Jared Wilson takes off on this topic. I’m not dogging any churches here. I love my brothers and sisters in the suburbs. But this is a question that needs to be discussed. No blame, but thoughtful consideration. If you want to rant, go away. I drove around Lexington yesterday, looking at suburban church after […]

Some Thoughts on Spiritual Gifts

If you haven’t read them recently, the relevant passages on Spiritual gifts are 1 Corinthians 12-14, Romans 12, and 1 Peter 4. Most of us who are old enough recall when we first heard teaching on the subject of “spiritual gifts,” or charismata. For me, it was in the Charismatic movement’s first wave, which involved […]

I’m A Poor Player

I love chess. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. I’ve kept my first chess sets. I can recall every hand held set I ever took to school when I was told not to. I still stalk ebay looking for a particular plastic set that I wanted when I was a boy, but could […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #127

This week: Starting some talks about parents, student ministry, etc: This week I talk about evaluating the “acting out” teen and parenting/ministry for identity rather than behavior. Exit music from Randy Stonehill. The new CD, Paradise Sky. Our sponsors are: 60 Ways to Leave Your Mother…Alone. A comic by Michael Buckley. New Reformation Press. Download […]