September 18, 2018

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Holes in the Soul

Back in the day, I got a psych major in my undergrad work. That’s pretty ironic, believe me, in more ways than you can imagine. I can’t say I learned a great deal, but I did begin a lifelong journey of making observations and drawing tentative conclusions about myself. If I would have paid attention […]

#12 Church Blog? Me? Thanks

Church Relevance Blog listed me as the #12 blog read on a list of 120 popular “Church” blogs. Thanks!

New Rosenbladt Available at NRP: “When Fathers Die It’s Always Too Early.”

New Reformation Press is working hard to get quality Lutheran and Reformation theology products to the IM audience and I want to thank all of you who have visited the site and made purchases. Now NRP has something new that I know many of you are waiting for: a new set of teaching from Dr. […]

Riffs: 01:18:09: Are Southern Baptists Getting It? Maybe.

An IM reader sent along this piece from the Nashville Tennessean newspaper on the current decline of the Southern Baptist Convention. There’s some rare honesty in this piece, and I hope SBC leaders are listening. For example, Bill Leonard, one of my favorite professors from seminary days, talks about the SBC’s changing demographics. This really […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #124

UPDATE: A generous friend has stepped in to resolve the computer issue. Such wonderful people in the IM audience. Thank you! This week: Evangelical Christians and Obama Christians. Our sponsors are: Rhodes: The band with our great intro music. New Reformation Press. Order your copy of the Treasury of Daily Prayer from NRP. And do […]

Is This the “Better World” You Were Talking About?

Comments are moderated. I grew up as television was growing up. I was born in 1956 and lived through the “Golden Age” of network television. Television was part of my childhood and teenage years, but I had no reference point before television. Captain Kangaroo had always been there on the black and white television in […]

An IM Must Read: The New Evangelical Scandal by Matthew Anderson

Readers of Internet are aware that my perspective on the future of evangelicalism is often controversial. The keepers of the flames of blogosphere orthodoxy often ridicule my choice of “post-evangelical” as an identifier, and my prediction that younger evangelicals are heading for the exits is often criticized as too dire and without basis. Matthew […]

Am I the Unbeliever?

A good and dear friend recently updated me on developments in her recent spiritual journey. Let’s stop here. If you’re reading this, here’s a question for you: What do you expect to hear now? Thought about it? Good. Let’s go on. Most of what she told me about would go in the category of signs […]

Christians: What are you saying about the President?

When Mr. Obama was elected, I told some of my friends, “This is going to be difficult for some people.” And, unfortunately, not only was I right, I was right on the money as to who would have the most difficult time seeing a black Democrat take the office of President. For the past two […]

Recommendation and Review: Lord, Save Us From Your Followers

As documentaries go, I’m sure that Dan Merchant’s Lord, Save Us From Your Followers (LSU) could be critiqued in more than a couple of areas, but as tool to break up the logjam that is bad evangelical thinking on the culture war, it’s incredible. Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is more than must-see evangelical […]