August 16, 2018

Archives for December 2008

Father Cantalamessa’s Second Sunday in Advent Sermon (Read it)

If I didn’t need written permission, I’d reprint this entire sermon here on the site because I want it in the archives. But I’ll be a good blogger and link it to its home at Zenit, the Catholic News Service. You can get it in various formats there. A more Christocentric sermon you are not […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #121

Media ignorance of the Bible. The “Incomplete” Merton. Aren’t Evangelicals All About “Self-Feeding?” (I think this was one of my best podcasts.) Our sponsors are: New Reformation Press. Order your copy of the Treasury of Daily Prayer from NRP. And do it soon. Zaccheus Press– Fine Catholic Books, including Priestblock 25487. Amy Welborn on Merton […]

Stop. Look. Worship in Awe.

The Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar. Words fail completely.

Recommendation and Review: Faith and Culture Devotional by Kelly Monroe Kullberg and Lael Arrington

Yes, end of the year is book review time. I have several headed your way before December ends. I generally do not review books that I don’t like. If I don’t like them, I won’t have much to say about them. If I like them, I’ll say so and tell you why. My problem is […]

Recommendation and Review: NLT Bible Study Guides, , Chronological Bible and “Live” Teen Bible (and a bit of venting about special packaging of the Bible for teenagers)

I’ve reviewed and endorsed the New Living Translation Study Bible, and I continue to use it with real appreciation. I’ve been a fan of the NLT ever since Noel Heikkinen convinced me to give the second revision of the translation a more serious look. I now use it a great deal in preaching and worship, […]

Open Thread Discussion: Group Punishment/Blessing in the Bible

In my Bible classes, I often will come up with a topic that relates to what we’ve been studying, and I’ll ask the students to prepare to debate either side of a proposition related to what we’ve learned. I thought this week’s topic would make for an interesting topic of discussion. Our students, like any […]

When the “Reached” are “Unreached”

UPDATE: I had to close out the discussion when the two infallible versions of Christianity started talking to each other. Since I can’t buy either one of them, I got annoyed. (If you are one of the people assigned to monitor this blog and report anything unusual, I’d suggest you might want to drive to […]

Alan Creech Rosaries: Great Gift Idea

Alan Creech is a good friend of this web site and is the Roman Catholic Liturgical Gangsta. He’s started a small home business project making hand-crafted, Franciscan, single decade rosaries. You can see them all- five varieties- right here. Alan will work out the details of ordering and payment with you via email at his […]

The Kids Are All Right: Ten Gift Ideas For A Fundamentalist Young Person Near You

Reverend Billy says “Stop Shopping! Your consumerism is out of control!” And the iMonk says “Give that fundamentalist young person near you a Christmas to remember…..and their pastor a reason to blow a wicket.” (BTW, I don’t just mean any fundamentalist young person. I mean that young person who is stuck in a fundamentalist church, […]

iMonk 101: “Lo, How A Rose:” Experiencing the Power of Beauty

In 2004, I wrote this piece about discovering the power of beauty in one of the most wonderful of Christmas songs. “Lo! How a Rose…: Experiencing the Power of Beauty.” I was a kid from a home without music or books, and it was public schools that gave me these experiences in the late 1960’s. […]