July 22, 2018

Archives for October 2008

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #116

Putting down the word on Halloween. Talking about integrity. Our sponsor is New Reformation Press. Great t-shirts, books and reformation resources. Sojourn Music (link removed). Also visit Noisetrade. Want to be an IM advertiser? Want almost 400,000+ unique visitors with close to 1.5 million page views so far this year to see your ad? Contact […]

The IM Weekend File 10:25:08

Yes, I owe you all a podcast. I’m working on it. I have to go to Lexington today. I don’t do lists of links, but Zoo Station has a fine one. Spend some time there. As election time rolls around, I’m still unimpressed with either Presidential candidate, but I’ve made up my mind on the […]

A Short List of Troublingly Common Sins

Paul made a lot of sin lists. You know, lists of sins. If you’re a preacher or teacher, you’ve probably used Paul’s sin lists a few times as the raw material for a talk or sermon. You’ve walked through the list, one sin at a time and said a little something about each one. It […]

The Internet Monk Annual Halloween Rant

Originally published at the Steve Brown, Etc. Guest Room Blog. You also might enjoy “The Great Pumpkin Proposes a Toast,” from deep in the IM archives. Here’s a good post on “How to have a great Catholic Halloween.” No Protestants are harmed. It’s OK. As October 31st looms, it’s time for true confessions. I grew […]

Awake O’ Sleeper

Arrested by The Word

There was a moment in last week’s House, M.D. that really reached me. (As this show often does. Its portrayal of the human soul is consistently remarkable.) House has been forced to deliver a eulogy at the funeral of his father, whom he not only hated, but has concluded is not his biological parent. House […]

Open Mic at the iMonk Lounge: What are your examples/dreams of “Miracle on 34th Street Ecumenism?”

If you’ve read “Miracle on 34th Street Ecumenism,” then you know that I’m talking about various traditions, denominations and churches being willing to send their “customers” to the other “store” for what they’ve lost, left out, run out of or just don’t do well. So…for open mic night here at the lounge, What Would Be […]

What I’m reading, watching and listening to these days.

Reading: Jesus Wants To Save Christians: A Manifesto for the Church in Exile by Rob Bell and Don Golden. A survey of the Bible’s message using the theme of the “New Exodus,” with lots of application to the current empire. Packaged in a rather distracting way, but plenty of good material in a relatively few […]

Both Are True

On the study Bible front: The Hope for Today Bible—featuring notes and encouragement from pastor and author Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria—is to be released in March by Free Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Osteen—who wrote the best-sellers Your Best Life Now (FaithWords) and Become a Better You (Free Press)—pastors Lakewood Church […]

Miracle on 34th Street Ecumenism

I love Christmas movies. We have many great family memories of watching Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas or singing “Sisters” and “Snow” with the cast of White Christmas. I have some personal favorites like almost any version of A Christmas Carol, the original Tim Allen Santa Clause and the strangely dark and mysterious Prancer. I’m […]