July 16, 2018

Archives for August 2008

Sermon: “Where is Jesus?” A Baptist Church 8/03/08

Preached this morning at a Baptist Church. During the scripture reading time earlier in the service, I read several sections of Ephesians 1-4, so don’t mark me down too hard for not reading those verses during the sermon. Full house today, maybe 170. Very cool. I was surprised how exhausted I was. I haven’t really […]

iMonk 101: A God Shaped Void? Maybe Not

This piece from two summers ago- A God Shaped Void? Maybe Not– explores some important questions about evangelism, our assumptions about those we are evangelizing, and especially our dialogue with atheists and young people. It’s the kind of rethinking of evangelicalism I like to do, and it will challenge you, especially if you were raised […]

iMonk 101: Denise Spencer’s Thoughts On A Daughter Leaving for College

Last night, the Spencer family ate Mexican in celebration of my daughter’s graduation from Ohio State University. It was a happy occasion in life’s journey. Long-time readers of this site may remember some of the key moments in this journey and the parallel journey of our son, who is still in school. Perhaps one of […]