September 23, 2018

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Internet Monk Radio Podcast #107

Some thoughts on the worship wars, the diversity in a hymnal and the value of traditional church membership. Check out my other blog at Jesus Shaped Spirituality. Our sponsor, New Reformation Press. Music by Rhodes, Sun Like Blood and Randy Stonehill.

Miscellaneous, This and That, Etc.

Some random things that some of you will be interested in: 1) Church Membership Series: I have a summary post I want to write and then there is one more interview, but I don’t know when the interview will arrive in my mailbox. So I may go ahead and write the summary, but it won’t […]

Recommendation and Review: Heaven Misplaced by Douglas Wilson

When you hear the term “postmillennialism,” what comes to your mind? The church taking over society? Naive optimism? A failure to notice that the world is getting worse and worse, not better and better? Discussions in print of postmillennialism are rare enough, but simple and understandable ones are nearly unheard of. The average student of […]

The Church Membership Question: Interview with Pastor Kevin Hash

UPDATE: Read Kevin in the comments. He is talking about what the SBC needs to hear. Time for our second interview on “The Church Membership Question.” Our focus today is on the practical side. How are these issues worked out in a real congregation. I’ve got just the person. You will love this interview. Kevin […]

Riffs: 08:12:08: Ray Ortlund on The Dark Knight

UPDATE: When we get more comments on Ray Ortlund not liking Batman than we get on the Church Membership posts, you folks will have proved my point, and you will all have to buy me a gift. Ray Ortlund says he wasted $6.25 (!) on The Dark Knight. And in short form, as only Ray […]

The Church Membership Question: Open Thread on Frank Viola’s “Why I Left The Institutional Church.”

Perhaps the most talked about recent challenge to the traditional, institutional church comes from “organic” church advocate Frank Viola. In a recent article at The Ooze, Frank chronicled his reasons for leaving the institutional church. Think what you want, and criticize as you wish, Viola states his case Biblically and eloquently. And millions of people […]

Baptist Holy Days of (Guilt and) Obligation

My wife sent me an email this morning. I keep forgetting to tell you that there’s an obligatory Mass this week (for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.) St. Ann is celebrating Thursday at 6:00 p.m. and St. William Friday at 6:00 p.m. Assuming we are going to the waterpark Thursday, […]

The Church Membership Question: Church Basics (An iMonk 101 Post)

Let’s continue with the church membership theme as we wait for two more interviews to arrive via Van Til express delivery. In January of 2006 I wrote a major IM essay on what I believe about the local church. As I said in an introduction that doesn’t appear below, it will clear up forever any […]

The Church Membership Question: Interview with Jonathan Leeman

UPDATE: Thanks for the good response and discussion. If you would like to read an excellent defense of the Baptist view of church membership, John Piper has written an excellent article on Church Membership and Accountability. A very good survey of the basics. This post begins several posts on the subject of the church and […]

The Long and Winding Road

Humor alert. I said HUMOR ALERT. Yes…YOU…that means YOU. It’s HUMOR. OK. For those of you that don’t know or don’t remember, my wife is entering the Roman Catholic Church. It’s been rough and I don’t really have anything to say about that. Communication on the relevant subjects hasn’t been easy, and laughter- formerly a […]