July 16, 2018

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Internet Monk Radio Podcast #108

More on covenant church membership, and thoughts on post-evangelicalism and evangelism (Don’t forget it). Check out my other blog at Jesus Shaped Spirituality. Our sponsor, New Reformation Press. Music by Rhodes and Randy Stonehill.

“It Seems the Joy of the Lord Isn’t Your Strength” (An iMonk 101 Post)

Yes, that’s one of the comments I’ve received via e-mail regarding the official iMonk photograph. (And- at least in my experience- it’s always a woman. Why is that? Does maternal instinct want to see baby smile?) I’ve been fighting this battle for quite some time, and I don’t plan to give up. It’s a small […]

The Church Membership Question: Interview with Dr. Nathan Finn

It’s a genuine honor to have Dr. Nathan Finn, Assistant Professor of Church History at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, as my guest today at InternetMonk.com. Dr. Finn is one of the new academic voices in SBC life speaking strongly for a renewal of serious church membership among Southern Baptists. Dr. Finn has an A.A. from […]

A Response to “From Wheaton To Rome” at Jesus Creed

Scot Mcknight has a new book out called Finding Faith, Losing Faith: Stories of Conversion and Apostasy. It’s an interesting discussion of the reasons people deconvert and convert, both in and out of their own traditions. The chapters cover conversion to unbelief, from Judaism to Christianity, from Rome to evangelicalism and from evangelicalism to Rome. […]

Interview: Dr. David Powlison on “Reading the Bible For Personal Application”

In their ongoing series of previews of the ESV Study Bible Crossway has posted online a 10-page PDF containing 5 of the 50 articles that will be in the back of the Study Bible.. This section is on “Reading the Bible” (pdf): · Reading the Bible Theologically, by J.I. Packer · Reading the Bible as […]

Official Photo

Nate Spencer, Where Are You?

Nate Spencer: You have my last name. You are in education. You are in the mountains. You read books that I like and listen to music that I love. And if that wasn’t creepy enough, you are writing some of the best stuff in the blogosphere, like this on the Todd Bentley phenomenon.

Surprising Encouragement

Just a couple of stories about the grace that’s all around us, that appears in small ways, and might appear more often if we prayed and took notice of where Jesus said the Kingdom appears. I. On Thursday, almost everyone I work with was at a waterpark about an hour away, including my family. I […]

New stuff at JSS + Thanks David Z

There’s new writing at Jesus Shaped Spirituality: The Jesus Question and A Note to Todd Bentley. I received a wonderful “Wish List” package from IM reader David Z in Australia, but no email address anywhere. So thank you, David. The books are wonderful and your generosity and support are a great blessing. God’s peace on […]

The Church Membership Question: What I Believe

There’s one more interview out there in this series, but I don’t know when it’s going to arrive, so this will be the “closer” for now. Thanks to everyone for reading, linking and commenting. Here is the original goal of this series of posts: I wanted to examine the question, “Is the concept of local […]