September 24, 2018

Archives for March 2007

On Repentance and Forgiveness

A friend called me the other day for some pastoral advice. A co-worker was making the case that, as a Christian, he was not obligated to forgive a person who doesn’t repent. In other words, repentance is the condition on which we forgive those who have wronged us. And, of course, she had a verse. […]

Hit “Pause” On That Youth Ministry Bashing

I can be very critical of youth ministers. Trust me on that if you don’t know. That’s because I am one. I’ve got the gold watch. But I believe in youth ministry. I see what it is, where’s it’s gone wrong, and what it’s done right. The current “kicking spree” on youth ministry is simplistic […]

Premiere: Allelon-A Movement, A Resource, A New Web Site

I’m excited to tell you about the re-opening of one of the best websites I can recommend to you: Allelon- A Movement of Missional Leaders. This site involves a lot of people who you know and some you don’t (many from outside the U.S., esp Canada), but one of the main faces is the brilliant […]

iMonk 101: Previous Posts on Missional Churches + Bob Hyatt + Ed Stetzer on Culture

Here are some previous posts on issues relating to the missional church. Missional Isn’t A Bad Word. This is my most extensive discussion of the missional church question. The Missionary Headache: Why Evangelicals Need to Support the Missionaries Among Us. This is a piece I wrote last year as I was beginning to grapple with […]