September 26, 2018

Archives for March 2007

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #50

Finishing Romans 15:1-7. Appreciating the beauty of monastic singing and praying (courtesy of Joel Hunter and the monks of St. Meinrad). Are evangelical women writers appreciated? The first 19 podcasts are now gone. This podcast is available on iTunes as a free download. It’s exciting. Try it. With a good Italian sauce.

Fear of Women and Their Cute, Pink Books

Forty-five men authoring books solo or with others. One female author. Two books with female co-authors. That’s the “gender” count from the new books page at a major conservative, reformed, Christian book source on the net. Blind spot? Evidence that most of conservative evangelicalism is a movement by men, for men, described by men, expressed […]

Three Resources For A Missional Reading of the Bible

Three good resources for a missional reading of the Bible: one essay, one book, one set of questions. The essay is Notes Toward a Framework For a Missional Hermeneutic by Michael Goheen. Goheen is one of the authors of the outstanding literary/narrative introduction to the Bible, The Drama of Scripture. Goheen is a professor at […]

Photoshopping Luther

The longer I observe evangelicals, the more astonished I am that anyone among them could, with a straight face, ever criticize the Roman Catholic church for paying too much attention to “the saints.” The evangelical focus on personalities, past and present, can’t be too far behind any Roman Catholic veneration of the saints. For example, […]

Thirty-Two Rooms and No Way Out: Adventures in Bookstore Claustrophobia

This post is an odd soup. Call it one part “Second Half of Life,” for just getting old and pathetic; one part “In The Study,” for the sermon idea I’ll get out of it; and one part “Parable, Metaphor and Illustration” for what you can do with it. Laugh at me, with me, and then […]

Evangelical Anxieties 7: Our Children

Here are the previous six posts in the Evangelical Anxieties series. There will be several more. This isn’t even close to the final version I want of this post, but I may not get back to it for a while. So this will have to do for now. Worrying about our children has been an […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #49

Continuing Romans 15:1-7. An interesting Piper-Dever debate. Stuff that just isn’t. This podcast is available on iTunes as a free download. Imagine that.

Guess what this atheist heard in church?

“Before I restart the “Evangelical Anxieties series, here are words from an atheist who visited some 30 churches. Clearly, most churches have aligned themselves against non-religious people. By adopting this stance, Christians have turned off the people I would think they want to connect with. The combative stance I’ve observed is an approach that causes […]

The Journey of Forgiveness

I am continuing some of my pastoral reflections on forgiveness. One of the most useful insights I ever received into the subject of forgiveness came from meditating on the commands, “Love, pray and do good for your enemies,” and “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Jesus forgave perfectly. Like […]

Jesus and My Stuff

My men’s Bible study has been reading and discussing John Piper’s book Don’t Waste Your Life. If you aren’t familiar with DWYL, it is a small book that Piper wrote to persuade college-age young people to live missional, Kingdom-building, God-glorifying and passionate lives. If you want to give the “Piper” experience in short form, this […]