August 18, 2018

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Quitting Soccer: Thoughts From Mom and Dad

From time to time I like to do something on here for the parents in the audience. This post will require you to read a post at Clay’s blog, but it will be worth it to read Denise’s excellent response. Clay Spencer has written a post recalling one of the most painful episodes of his […]

The One and Only: Remembering that all those other books aren’t the Bible, or even all that close.

This is a corrective for me most of all, so don’t write me and say “What about Capon and Wright blah blah blah?” I’m already there. “For evangelical people, our authority is the God who has spoken supremely in Jesus Christ. And that is equally true of redemption or salvation. God has acted in and […]

Introducing Clay Spencer

I’ve been reluctant to post any of my 18 year old son’s writing here at IM, but clearly, now is the time. If this piece doesn’t belong here, nothing does. Clay has a number of literary gifts. He’s working to improve them, but what impresses me is that he writes life, and he finds Jesus […]

Recommendation: Judas and the Gospel of Jesus by N.T. Wright

I frequently receive inquiries from readers wanting to know where to start reading N.T. Wright. I have a standard list that includes Simply Christian, The Everyone Commentaries and The Challenge of Jesus. Now I have a new recommendation: Judas and the Gospel of Jesus is Wright’s smallest book yet, but is his most direct and […]

Mom’s Money: A Gospel Picture

My parents were always poor. They came from poor people. They lived through the depression. The first house I remember was small, run down and drafty. Dad never was able to stay with a good job for very long, then his health broke down and he was disabled. He worked nickle and dime jobs, but […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #26

Lots about Ron Luce’s announcement that evangelical youth are an endangered species. Special hellos to all my former OBI co-workers who listen to the podcast. Pass it along. Remember that I am on iTunes.

Calm down…..Read This

I’m back, but just very busy. I should be able to get something new up by tomorrow. Until then, let me suggest three interesting and outstanding links. Ben Witherington III writes powerfully on the witness and courage in the Amish tragedy. Andrew Jones gives an update of current events in the emerging church movement. Ron […]

Suggestions for Critics of the Emerging Church

UPDATE: TSK posts on the DGM Conference and their take on emerging church Christians. The comments are excellent and include a response from Tim Keller. And btw, first one to blog “See…you can’t criticize the emerging church” wins a stale donut..

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #25: Interview with Noel Heikkinen and Dan Price Part 2

Part 2 of the Interview with Riverview Church pastors Noel Heikkinen and Dan Price. Interesting stuff on Driscoll, Mclaren, Warren and counter-advertising against the traditional church. Plus a few things from me. A bit longer than usual.

A Prayer For the Amish

I don’t know what to feel as I read the story of the execution style shootings/murders of Amish girls in Pennsylvania. As part of a Christian school in a county where guns are everywhere, I’m frightened and I want to protect my students. As a Christian, I’m outraged that such things happen, and I’m concerned […]