September 24, 2018

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Internet Monk Radio Podcast #12

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #12 Sorting through your traditions. A hot post at Adverseria. History of the dog.

Alastair Represents Wright; Ascol Calls for Truth

Alastair at Adversaria has written a detailed, important and comprehensive post on Why is Wright Misrepresented and Misunderstood by so many of his Reformed Critics? It’s a monster of good post that you must read if you are interested in Bishop Wright’s contribution to theology and the judgement of many in the reformed community that […]

The Man Behind the Curtain: Lesslie Newbigin (SATIRE!)

BHT fellow and soon to be philosophy professor Joel Hunter penned this stinging piece of satire (that’s SATIRE) about the man who really needs to be held responsible for all these postmodern, missional, contemplative woes. It’s missionary statesman and missional thinker Lesslie Newbigin. Read and be shocked. (SATIRE AHEAD.) While we’re measuring one another for […]

What Do I Mean by Post-Evangelical?

My son Clay asked me the other day, “What do you mean by post-evangelical?” That deserves a good answer. Let’s start with this: By evangelical, I do not mean, as some on the Internet have labored to prove, a line of Christianity extending from the Reformation through Calvinism to a handful of modern day independent […]

Driscoll Reruns

Since Mark Driscoll clearly bothers some people to the point of issuing ultimatums and accusations that are utterly fantastic- like claiming Driscoll started Emergent and is to blame for all its worst tendencies- I’ll rerun my piece on “Why Mark Driscoll Bothers You,” plus a few other relevant oldies but goodies. Read “Why Mark Driscoll […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #11

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #11. Our Podcast Question of the Day. Review of a Baptist Press post.

The Tactics of Failure: Why The Culture War Makes Sense To Spiritually Empty Evangelicals

Ann Out Of Place This afternoon I listened to Ann Coulter being interviewed on TBN. Not CNN. TBN. The Paul Crouch/Jan Crouch fashion show and soap opera that you can’t look away from. Yes, that TBN. The one with Creflo, Joel, General Joyce, Kenneth and Gloria, Kim, Matt and hundreds of very, very uncool people […]

Imonk to Itunes?

UPDATE: I believe I will have an iTunes feed shortly. When someone gets it, let me know. The IM/BHT web sites are currently in a technical geek crunch. (That means the guys who help me are just not able to help much at present.) So, I would love to have the podcasts on iTunes, and […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #10

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #10. A man is in my car. A big, empty church building. I hate what I write.

Purchasing Books With Wisdom

We’ve had a bit of an income shift this year ***ahem*** so I need to make some changes in my book-buying habits. I’m one of those fish caught in the ease of the Amazon “One-Click” purchase system, and I’ve got a lot of books on my shelves that I will never read because of it. […]