September 23, 2018

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Internet Monk Radio Podcast 15

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 15. Finding God Beyond Harvard. Persecution. Church For Men. NOW AVAILABLE as an Itunes Subscription Podcast.

A Post For The Kid With The Black Eye

This is my fifteenth year working at a Christian boarding school, and one constant during all of that time has been conversations about bullies. I’ve probably talked with 300 students about how to respond to a bully. I’ve probably had 50 conversations about the effect a particular bully was having on other students. Because I […]

As the last child walks away: Clarity at the Crossroads of Life

UPDATE: Denise’s post of this weekend’s events. We’d been gone from Lexington about 5 minutes when Denise started crying. “Twenty-one years I’ve been cooking for my children. That’s a big chunk of your life.” You have such thoughts on the day you take you son to college. You stand at the crossroads, the haze lifts, […]

Review: Finding God Beyond Harvard

Kelly Monroe Kullberg’s Finding God Beyond Harvard is several good things. It’s an account of the author’s own journey into a significant ministry that is touching the core of universities around America, while at the same time keeping her focus on the spiritual hungers and thirsts of university students. Kullberg is a gifted writer who […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 14

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 14. Minor League Baseball. Guilt by Association continued. Leaving/Finding a church. College Boy. Apologies.

I Hear Pepper Talking

Personification. With me, it’s more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life. I’m reasonably sure that there are entire blogs being developed to prove that I am mentally ill, “dangerously unstable,” without sufficient assurance of faith to be truly converted and unfit for the ministry. The fact is, I do have one serious […]

Thanks To Doug Wilson and Dan Edelen

The Internet Monk and Boar’s Head Tavern web sites received a real compliment today. Both were added to the “Theology” sidebar at Douglas Wilson’s site, Blog and Mablog. As one of the BHT fellows said, Wilson is the kind of person who can say, “I disagree with you, but we are fellow Christians talking about […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 13

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 13. I’m a “Modernist Victorian.” Convert Me. Back to School. Reactions to Doubting post. Ravi. (The mic is a little quirky on this. I’ll do better next time.)

Do you ever doubt your Christian beliefs?

“Michael, do you ever doubt your Christian beliefs?” Yes. I do. In fact, I’ve written an entire essay on the subject of my personal doubts: I Have My Doubts. It’s an IM favorite. While it’s more confessional than comprehensive, it does address the subject of doubt, the depth of doubt, and the path of my […]

Peggy Spencer Head 1937-2006

My half-sister, Peggy Ann Spencer Head, passed away this week, and our family just returned from the funeral. Peggy was more like an aunt or a cousin to me, but we always had a warm relationship. Her oldest son, David Head, has been a wonderful friend and colaborer in ministry for many years. I was […]