September 24, 2018

Archives for May 2006

Review: Confessions of a Reformission Rev by Mark Driscoll

For those who dream of seeing the gospel take new root in a postmodern, pagan America, Mark Driscoll has written a superb, exciting and impressively helpful book. A few days ago I read an interview with Covenant Life Church pastor Josh Harris, and he was asked what he had to say to young church planters. […]

Divorce, Remarriage and The Gospel: Part 1

His name was Charles, and he worked with the Boy Scouts in our state. A troop was starting to use our building, and I was the staff liaison. Charles and I met together every month, and I found out that he was a Baptist preacher and a serious Christian. Over the years, I watched Charles […]

How much is too much?

How far is too far in using creative methods to “reach” people? Tom Ascol has been posting some good posts about some of the more extreme forms of sincere, but outlandish pragmatism to be found in the cause of church growth and evangelism. In the comments, the inevitable question appears: OK- how do we know […]

S.M. Hutchens’ Journey: Worth Noting

My admiration for Touchstone Magazine grows daily, and among Touchstone’s writers, no one comes close to S.M. Hutchens for speaking to my own journey into, around, and sometimes out of evangelicalism.

A God-Shaped Void? Maybe Not

Nevertheless, young people do not feel disenchanted, lost or alienated in a meaningless world. “Instead, the data indicated that they found meaning and significance in the reality of everyday life, which the popular arts helped them to understand and imbibe.” Their creed could be defined as: “This world, and all life in it, is meaningful […]

The Trouble With Too Many Compliments

Turning point. Here’s what I recall. I was a relatively new Christian, already getting my feet wet sharing my faith, leading Bible studies and so forth. I was in that phase of nearly insatiable curiosity about the Bible. In my church, that meant total dependence on what you might learn from your pastor and any […]

The IMonk Weekend File: 5:6:06

I haven’t done a weekend file in months. Seems like a good time. Mark DeVine is a professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His blog impresses me, his book looks great, and his post on the emerging church good guys in the SBC is a home run. Let’s hear more from the professor. He seems […]

Triumph of the Hippie Jesus?

David Wayne has an excellent post at Jollyblogger on the foolishness of what he calls a “purely” incarnational ministry, by which he means a focus on the earthly ministry of Jesus that omits the present reign of Jesus as Lord of the universe and Lord of the church. Mostly because I really don’t like the […]

Review: Christian Theologies of Scripture edited by Justin Holcomb

It’s interesting to watch American Christians scramble for cover from the Da Vinci Code phenomenon. It’s not like these questions don’t have answers. Lots of good writers are cranking out books with the answers to Dan Brown’s Weekly World News version of Jesus. No, the problem isn’t the answers. The problem is the questions; in […]

Stop Me Before I Turn Into A.W. Pink

Readers interested in an objective view of the life of A.W. Pink should read Iain Murray’s Biography of Pink, which has the virtue of being complimentary of Pink the theologian and teacher, and honestly critical of Pink’s eventual inability to be part of a church fellowship.