September 24, 2018

Archives for July 2004

A Parable for our Seeker-Sensitive, Purpose-Driven, Church Growth Oriented Friends

Once upon a time, there was a village that had a great heritage of education among its citizens. For many years, the community had wonderful schools, but more importantly, great scholars, statesmen, artists and educators. Education was important to families, children and businesses. For years, it was rare to find anyone who wasn’t a graduate, […]

A Rigney Read for the Fourth

Reading this story on a Patriotic Rally sponsored by a Lexington Baptist Church, I was reminded of one of my favorite Internet Monk essays: Christianity and Patriotism by IM contributor eric rigney. This was written several years ago, but is still timely and well thought out. Few evangelicals question this sort of thing, and none […]

300 pages into “My Life”

Yes, I’m reading Bill Clinton’s “My Life.” I’m 300 pages into the ex-President’s magnum opus autobiography, and he just got booted out of the governor’s mansion by the voters of Arkansas. He learned a thing or two about how rural folks feel when they discover- at the end of a long line- that their auto […]